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December 6, 2013
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YA Staff Application: Camella 'Carmilla' Abasolo by Hellzling YA Staff Application: Camella 'Carmilla' Abasolo by Hellzling
Opps, sorry for messing with the app, but it sort of bugged me. Whoopsth. Anyways, here's my Vice Principal. This was kinda rushed, so I'll eventually revise her personality/background/whatever when I see fit. ;v;



Camella 'Carmilla' Abasolo

Age | DOB:

Twenty-nine years old | August 30th, 1984 | Virgo ♍

Height | Weight:

5' 2" | 133 lbs

[Academy Information]


Vice Principal

Relationship Status:


Reason for Joining:

Promotion and a better salary.



Distant: Carmilla has a habit of well, not letting others in. It's not that she wants to come off as emotionless or careless, she just doesn't like talking too much about family and etc. If you want her to tell you anything, you need to let it come naturally. She can be quite talkative if given the chance. Yet once it's pointed out, she quickly shuts up. She's sort of like a clam, the more you try to pry her lips open, the tighter she shuts them.

Kind: While she may be distant when it comes to other things, Carmilla doesn't have a heart of stone. She'll let people in when it's raining, check on troubled students to see if they need someone to care for them. Honestly, the only time she's ever truly mean is when she's very uncomfortable or tired of mistreatment. When she snaps though, she snaps and it's best to avoid her when she's in a foul mood. Of course, all can be fixed with some time and a marathon of dumb shows.

Naive: She's....quite naive. Painfully so, actually. Sexual innuendos and the like just fly over her head, to the point to where she'd be fully confused if someone tries to make advances on her. In fact, trying to woo her with flowers or trinkets will just make her wonder if she's forgotten her birthday or a holiday, whoops.

Optimistic: The glass is half full, as they say. Carmilla sees life with rose colored glasses, and even taking them off will not ruin her spirits! She's usually very peppy and excitable, often getting happy over the silliest things. Remembering dumb jokes, talking to someone she likes, or just doodling stupid comments are enough to keep her going for the rest of the day.

Slightly Introverted: While Carmilla enjoys socializing, it can take a lot out of her if she does it too much. Frankly, being in a school filled with people is enough to drain her batteries, so sometimes she just likes to seek solace. The only company will be her cat and whatever activity she happens to occupy herself with.


:bulletblack: Vampires/vampire lore.

:bulletblack: Supernatural things.

:bulletblack: Warm sweaters.

:bulletblack: Sweet tea.

:bulletblack: Bats, cats, and other cute animals.

:bulletblack: Sleeping.

:bulletblack: Tons of pillows and blankets.

:bulletblack: Reading.

:bulletblack: Netflix and Hulu Plus.


:bulletwhite: Strong coffee.

:bulletwhite: Rainbows/excessively bright colors.

:bulletwhite: Overly profane people.

:bulletwhite: Hot weather.

:bulletwhite: Ponies/Horses.

:bulletwhite: Wet socks.

:bulletwhite: Lack of wi-fi.


Carmilla was born in a family of four, long after her sister Elsa, who was at the age of eleven at the time. Of course, at the time her name was not Carmilla, but Camella. Anyways, she grew up in a decent household, and was quite the reserved child. She never felt the need to stir trouble for attention, or for anything, really. There was a bit of tension with her older sister, but by the time Camella was nine, her sister already moved out.

As Camella grew, so did her love of books and the supernatural. She'd spend lunch hours going to the library, researching vampires, werewolves - you name it! She was basically borderline obsessed until she reached the age of fourteen. By then, her like dwindled down more to simply vampires. Her friends noticed, and eventually nicknamed her Carmilla, seeing how it was a famous vampire. (A gay one, at that.)

Once she hit her late teens, she had the shocking realization that she couldn't just do nothing with her life. Well, more like she couldn't just do whatever she wanted without a career or at least a future planned. So she decided that she'd like to do something life changing, inspiring for others. Why, she had so many choices, but she soon settled on becoming a teacher.

Carmilla spent most of her college years not on campus, seeing how dorms were expensive and she couldn't quite get a part time job with all the classes she took. She was eager to earn her masters degree, and wanted to do it as soon as possible. However, some tragedy struck, as her mother grew ill. Carmilla started taking time off of school, dropping some of her needed classes to have more time to take care for her mother. Eventually she passed away, and Carmilla dropped out for a total of two years to help her grief struck father. 

When those two years passed, she finally got herself back on track. Using money she saved from odd jobs she took, she rented herself an apartment and lived on her own for the rest of the time she went to college. (Of course, she wasn't without roommates.) Soon she got herself her bachelor degree, and then her masters degree.

After a while of job hunting, she settled on a nice teaching job at a local elementary school. After a few years she started to yearned for more. She wanted to do more than teach younger kids. She wanted to move onto a High School or something of the like - and eventually she landed herself an all girls school. They were in current need of a Vice Principal, so she took the opportunity and now resides at Yuri Academy.


Mother: Esmeralda Abasolo | Age: 62 | Status: Deceased

Father: Fabio Abasolo | Age: 65 | Status: Alive

Sister: Elsa Rosen | Age: 40 | Status: Alive

Brother-In-Law: Cale Rosen | Age: 42 | Status: Alive

Niece: Rosalyn Rosen | Age: 11 | Status: Alive

Nephew: Christian Rosen | Age: 8 | Status: Alive

Nephew: Damien Rosen | Age: 6 | Status: Alive

Extra Information:

:bulletpink: She has a few bat plushies in her office, small gifts from her niece and nephews.

:bulletpink: She does art as a hobby, and tends to draw in her free time. Sometimes she absentmindedly draws on her work.

:bulletpink: She keeps a few pictures of her family members around her desk.

:bulletpink: Often she watches shows like Parks and Recreation, 30 rock, and other sitcoms.

:bulletpink: Carmilla actually has a few tattoos! Of course, they're well hidden, as she doesn't want to risk her job.

:bulletpink: If the weather is bad enough outside, she will invite students into her office.

:bulletpink: She has a tablet computer, a laptop, and a kindle. She uses the laptop for work and the other two electronics for free time. (Although she'll often have all three on her.)

:bulletpink: Carmilla has no romantic history with anyone.

:bulletpink: Often, when Carmilla has the time, she goes out with her sister for lunch. Sometimes she extends the same offer to her co-workers, if she likes them enough.

:bulletpink: She often draws pictures of her characters. Her favorite being a vampire who happens to murder others of her own kind.

:bulletpink: Carmilla has a Bombay cat that goes by the name of Sableye.

:bulletpink: Shhh, secretly she's a witch!

RP Methods:

Chats | Comments | Notes | Skype (Hellzling)
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Can we RP together? : o
Of course! Do you want to do it over comments or?
We can rp any way your comfortable with! I'm down with anything!
Ah, well I guess we can do it over notes or comments. whichever is preferred. Although could you start? ;v;
I can start no problem! Is there anything in particular you wanted me to start or a certain place that you wanted me to write Leo in?
Ah, not really. Seeing how I don't really know much about the 'places' in the first place, so anywhere is fine. ;v;
Alright (: I'll note you soon.
Alrighty, can't wait! uvu
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Blue-Cat00 Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazng application, both on the art and the written part. :D
Wow, thanks a bunch! It means a lot ;v;
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